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Product range available from factory. Consult for delivery time. Machine entirely configurable.
New machines available from stock: immediate delivery, equipped with all specs in description below.
Used machines available from stock: used, seminews and “unused”

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Self-propelled telescopic loader arm, designed to lift loads at height in restricted and difficult-to-access work areas.
4 Findings
Minipicker 06 in pick&carry crane mode

0.6 tn pick&carry minipicker

Grupo 348.pngJekko

Grupo 1416.pngMPK 06

Grupo 1417.pngMPK06


1 tn pick&carry minipicker

Grupo 348.pngJekko

Grupo 1416.pngMPK 10

Grupo 1417.pngMPK10


2 tn pick&carry minipicker

Grupo 348.pngJekko

Grupo 1416.pngMPK 20R

Grupo 1417.pngMPK20

MPK 50

5 tn minipicker

Grupo 348.pngJekko

Grupo 1416.pngMPK 50

Grupo 1417.pngMPK50

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