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January 18, 2019

  • Multitel Pagliero MX250 delivery
  • Multitel Pagliero MX250 delivery
  • Multitel Pagliero MX250 delivery

Delivered a MX250 platform, 25 mt. of height and almost 100% aluminium construction.


We talk about one of this month deliveries, in this occasion to Miguel Angel Grijota, a paint company of Madrid. It has diversified its activity, creating a small rental company with the adquisition of this platform.


The client has incorporated a Multitel Pagliero MX250 platform, with a working height of 25mt. It has side hydraulic extension stabilizers and a complete hydraulic working with proportional electro-hydraulic controls. Moreover, the platform is made of an aluminium alloy, which means a ⅓ of weight compared with steel. Due to this fact, the rusting is also minimum. 


This model has been one of the latest Italian company launch and one of the most successful. Transgrúas hopes that this Multitel Pagliero MX250 platform adquisition will be really useful and efficient for Miguel Angel Grijota, and we wish them success in their new activity.


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