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December 18, 2018

  • Fassi F85B.0.23 delivery
  • Fassi F85B.0.23 delivery
  • Fassi F85B.0.23 delivery

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  • Fassi F85B.0.23 delivery

Talleres Teijo delivers a light duty range Fassi crane


A renowned company dedicated to the transport of animals has come to Transgrúas in order to acquire the Fassi crane F85B.0.23 with a body designed and manufactured exclusively by our distributor in Paderne (A Coruña).

The F85B.0.23 active crane belongs to the lightweight Fassi range "active". This crane is featured with 3 hydraulic extensions, hydraulic distributor Hydrocontrol of a single block and set of extensible stabilizers manually up to 3,400. As they are part of the "active" group, they do not have connecting rods and they have a bilateral manual control to earth together with an EC safety device. Likewise, our representative in Paderne (Coruña), Talleres Teijo, has designed and assembled a body completely customized for the client.

Finally, we want to thank the customer for trusting in Transgrúas to acquire the active F85B.0.23 crane together with a body manufactured by our representative. In addition, we want to mention the professionalism of Talleres Teijo for the delivery made with total success.



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