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December 28, 2018

  • Fassi FX-Link new system presentation
  • 25 m aerial work platform Multitel Pagliero MZ250
  • New Jekkomini cranes "ECO" battery range

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  • New Fassi-Marrel AL24 hooklift

2018 a year full of new features in cranes, crawler mini-cranes, aerial platforms, hooklifts etc. etc.


Throughout this year, we have witnessed the numerous innovations that have arisen, both of cranes and lifting platforms as well as devices and technical systems to improve the performance and efficiency of the machinery. Therefore, in this article we give you a brief review of all the news of 2018.


Regarding Fassi, we have been able to enjoy all the contributions the brand has made during this year. In the first place, the Load Monitoring System (LMS) device that allows to detect the weight loaded by the hook of the crane so that the operator can instantly know it on the radio control or crane screen. Secondly, new models were incorporated: the F95B.0 cranes and the e-active F105B.0. These cranes stand out for incorporating the new bilateral control DV024 crane / stabilizer and for an increase in the angle of rotation (from 390º to 410º). In addition, we presented the cranes F115A and F130A with the main improvement of an increase of 4% of load power vs reduction of own weight. Finally, it has launched its new Fassi Cranelube range of lubricants with the aim of maximizing the performance and performance of all the crane's performance.


We continue with Jekko minicranes. During 2018, two new models have been unveiled: the SPK60 mini crane (the most competitive, since it is the only one of its size that incorporates independent extensible tracks, which increases its stability) and the JF365 articulated crane on tracks (very light and powerful with a maximum lifting capacity of 11.5 tn). On the other hand, they developed a new multi-loader: the JML 25. This equipment is of the most innovative and powerful and it is ideal for the movement of heavy elements within the industry. Finally, they have launched a range of "eco" battery minicranes, with the same functionality as those of gasoline or diesel, increasing the durability and speed of recharge.


Maxilift has also wanted to bet on innovation with its light range of cranes and has incorporated proportional radio control to the models ML50, ML110.2 and ML110.3. All the cranes feature a high precision of movement and have remote controls by cable or radio controls as an option, which ensure optimal rotation, elevation and extension.


De Angelis semitrailers have been another of this year's novelties. We find new details in its 2-axle extendable semi-trailers, such as the 2-axle semi-trailer with recessed bed and SOLO One-Scopic independent hydraulic suspension, which now has a new loading platform with a thickness of 200mm. In addition, it has developed a trailer with foldable awning so that it can be adapted to any type of product or merchandise to be transported, being totally versatile. The best thing about this awning accessory is that it avoids all kinds of damage, so it offers security and peace of mind to the operator and merchandise.

The leader in aerial platforms, Multitel, has presented several novelties. First, the SMX 250 E model with lithium batteries to enhance its efficiency and a working height of 25m and a great lightness within its range. Also, they unveiled the MT 162 platform with a hybrid operation equipment that, thanks to its operation, can move in its stabilizers using the PTO or batteries that are on board. In addition, with a working height of 24m and 16m of reach in the rear part and 9m in the side; the platform MT 240 EX arrived as a solution of the most efficient and profitable for the professionals of the sector. Finally, it has announced that it will present a new platform (MZ 250) of 3.5tn and with MUSA system in Brauma 2019.

If we focus on Pezzolato, we can talk about his new self-propelled drum chipper ALL ROAD (which facilitates its use in very small spaces) and his VSP 60.60 slitter (which cuts and slits large diameter logs). Two machines that have been received with great enthusiasm by forestry professionals.


Finally, we find the new Fassi-Marrel hook equipment: AL24 and AL26. These models stand out from the previous ones thanks to their reduction in height and weight and by reducing assembly time by 50%.

We say goodbye to 2018 with great news in a wide variety of sectors, so we can say that this year has been very fruitful in terms of innovation. We invite you to visit our "machines news" section to learn more about all the new contributions


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