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December 28, 2018

  • Procesadora TL 2.0 de Pezzolato
  • Procesadora TL 2.0 de Pezzolato
  • Procesadora TL 2.0 de Pezzolato

A Pezzolato TL 2.0 firewood processor for forestry exploitation


We are talking about the delivery made to Forestal Valdedo, a client who works in all types of forestry services as well as in the purchase and sale of wood, which has recently acquired the TL 2.0 firewood processor from Pezzolato brand.

The client, dedicated to the forestry exploitation in Asturias, has seen in the Pezzolato firewood processor TL 2.0 the ideal machine for his professional activity. The processor contains an automatic cutting line and wood splitter with electric motor of 30kw with cutting disc system of 1,170 mm diameter. Likewise, the machinery incorporates a wood accumulation lung to transfer the cut logs, with dimensions of 4,500mm in length and 1,000 mm in width. Also, it has a 27 tn slitter with a maximum passage of 710 mm and a rubber band of 3 m long and 60 cm for evaluation of already cracked wood. Other functions include: a bidirectional system for evacuation tape and over-raised slitter with computer base, an automatic grilling system based on laser according to programmed diameter and, finally, a loader of logs of 6 m with two chains of 800 mm.

We are sure the customer will take advantage of all the benefits that the TL 2.0 processor and hope that with this acquisition they can produce large quantities of firewood to promote their professional activity.



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