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November 8, 2018

  • Nuevos lubricantes para grúas Fassi

Apart from being one of the world leaders in hydraulic cranes, Fassi is also a leader in innovation


The ambition and the challenge of innovating in both equipment and systems has led the Italian company to design commercial solutions adapted to the needs of the sector. On this occasion, he has opted to offer a range of specific lubricants for his cranes with Fassi Cranelube products.

With the main objective that the performance of the crane and its efficiency and durability is optimal, Fassi knows that adequate and correct lubrication is essential. For that reason, it launches Fassi Cranelube, with which it wants to fight against mechanical wear, unexpected deterioration and the problems derived from burdensome work cycles. The company is aware that the power and efficiency of hydraulic cranes is fundamental, but they are not the only elements to be taken into account. Therefore, Fassi Cranelube lubricants arise to maximize the performance of the crane so that the use of this is the best possible. Therefore a step further has been taken by developing a range of biodegradable synthetic lubricants: the X-BiOiLife. The products belonging to this range are of the most recommended for the use in oleodynamic systems that need protection against the risk of environmental contamination. It goes without saying that, apart from contributing to greater durability in terms of efficiency and efficiency in the crane, the new Fassi Cranelube lubricants also increase the costs of long-term exercise, so your investment could be said to be what more profitable.

There is no doubt, that Fassi does not disappoint and that, all the innovations that he launches to the market, end up becoming successes. Therefore, Transgrúas is convinced that the oils and lubricants from Fassi Cranelube will help the performance and productivity of the cranes and will make them more competitive equipment.


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