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November 26, 2018

  • Multitel Pagliero: best supplier of the year according to Partnelift
  • Multitel Pagliero: best supplier of the year according to Partnelift

Mutitel Pagliero, our supplier of aerial work platforms awarded as the best supplier of the year by the german company Partnerlift Gmbh in the category “truck mounted plataforms”


Partnerlift Gmbh is a German association of companies that operate regionally and share common values ​​to offer a national network of rental companies, of aerial work platforms and construction machinery such as cranes etc. All this activity is possible thanks to the cooperation of all members in the company. Annually, Partnerlift Gmbh holds a meeting in the city of Essen (Germany), where they celebrate the awards to the best suppliers of that year. On this occasion, Multitel Pagliero was awarded the prize for the category "truck platforms", and, as Kai Schliephake (CEO of Partnerlift) sustains: "the winners were voted by all the members and had to be considered different aspects of the product such as the sales volume, service support, quality and reliability of the product ". The excellence in the engineering and technology of its platforms together with its innovative contributions to the market, have been key factors for Multitel to be awarded. So the award was received by the company with great gratitude and pride, and the director of international sales of the Italian company, Roberto Marangoni, added the following: "We are honored to receive such recognition from one of the leaders in Germany rental. We are constantly committed to provide our customers with the best quality products and solutions in all our continuous improvement solutions. Germany is one of our most important markets and we look forward to new opportunities. Product innovation, rank optimization and customer orientation will be an added value for all of our customers. "

Transgrúas maintains a close relationship with Multitel Pagliero since April 2017 when we reached an agreement to distribute the brand in Spain, so we are proud for Multitel to win this award, recognizing the work and great service it offers to professionals of the sector where it is located. Therefore, we congratulate the company for its great professionalism and excellence in the work it performs that make it a very competent company in the market.

Last month, we also had the pleasure of sharing with them the cover of Movicarga for the delivery we are preparing between 2018 and 2019 of 24 Multitel Pagliero air platforms.



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