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October 23, 2018

  • New image on Fassi magazine Without Compromise
  • New image on Fassi magazine Without Compromise
  • New image on Fassi magazine Without Compromise

A much more visual, fresh and practical magazine 


Fassi, faithful to its philosophy of constant innovation, has wanted to go a step further and has begun a process of changing the image of its Fassi Magazine. In this article, we explain in detail the redesign of the magazine and the restyling of the Fassi group logo.

With the main objective of offering its readers a much more visual, fresh and practical magazine; Fassi Magazine has started its makeover. This change is going to be available from number 22 of the magazine, in which the reader will find the details and more remarkable aspects of this new change.


In this edition of the magazine, the new models of cranes that Fassi has launched to the market are presented: the F395A and F395RA, the F115A and F130A; the F95B and, finally, the F105B. Likewise, we discover the whole history of Cranab and Marrel, the new companies that make it up; and they give us a summary of the course of the European Truck Championship 2018. Regarding the redesign of the logo, the company emphasizes strengthening the unity of the Fassi group and transmitting its main values: quality, excellence, strength and innovation; At the same time it gives a much more balanced, proportioned and rationalized aspect.


In short, in future editions of the magazine we can see a completely renovated design, much more visual and coherent to the new era of readers, but without losing the informative presence that it provides. The visual and photographic narration of Fassi Magazine will be the protagonist in the next issues.


Transgrúas' team is attentive to this process of changing the image of the magazine that, in short, the Italian company will present; and supports these changes that pursue an adaptation of design to new times and new readers.


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