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July 27, 2018

  • First Pezzolato VSP 60.60 firewood processor
  • First Pezzolato VSP 60.60 firewood processor
  • First Pezzolato VSP 60.60 firewood processor

Novelty in the biomass sector: VSP 60.60 cuts and slits large diameter logs.


Pezzolato, one of the most recognized manufacturers of biomass equipment in Europe, is constantly betting on research, innovation and investment in new products that can meet the demands of customers and users of their equipment. In order to meet this main objective, this time we are presented with the new VSP 60.60 integral log splitter, a machine designed to process and cut large diameter trunks, looking mainly for efficiency and effectiveness in established production processes.

The new integral log splitter presented by Pezzolato, arrives at the market with characteristics that prove the vocation for the mechanics that the brand possesses and that is constantly reflected in its equipment. The model VSP 60.60, is a fully hydraulic logs processor with manual controls, which have a chain cutting system, which make it the ideal equipment when efficiency in the volume of production and efficiency in the operation of the treatment of logs of big diameter is about.

Among the features that stand out most of the processor, are:


● Maximum slot height of 500 mm for diameters up to 700 mm.
● Vertical slitter with curved wood cutting wedge
● 4 additional orbital blades to obtain 5 trunks cut per cycle
● Heavy duty 2000 mm long supply chain
● Motorized roller table to facilitate the transfer of cut logs
● Chain cutting system for diameters of 600 mm
● Maximum cutting length up to 500 mm


On the other hand one of the most important properties that possess, is that the vertical splitter has a split wood chopper and 4 additional orbital blades to obtain 5 trunks cut per cycle and improve the end time of the day.

Undoubtedly this type of machinery denote that behind its market launch there is a process of arduous research and development, managing to cover several of the specific needs existing in the forest market at present.


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