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September 24, 2018

  • Transgrúas' offer of used marketplace
  • Transgrúas' offer of used marketplace
  • Transgrúas' offer of used marketplace

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  • Transgrúas' offer of used marketplace

Our offer of second-hand market is not the result of a coincidence: we work this division with a lot of attention


One of the services that we are most proud of, is our used equipment division. Having a portfolio between 200 to 250 used cranes is a demanding job, both in terms of dedication and “kow-how” and economicaly, but it gives us a great satisfaction to be able to offer a viable option to our customers. Because when you buy a new crane, it can be customized, but finding a used crane in good condition and with all the requirements that a new crane would have, it’s not so easy. In the section of this month, we will talk about how we carry out this service.


On one hand, there is the choice of equipment and its purchase: it is difficult to find second-hand equipment that can work as if they were practically new. This work requires valuing many equipment, analyzing them, seeing technically what state they are in and what repairs or improvements they will need to cover the needs of our customers.

At this point we separate the equipment into two groups: non-reconditioned cranes that will be delivered in the condition in which they are, after notification to the customer, and reconditioned cranes that are mounted on the test bench to check and repair the possible breakdowns, go through the washing center and if the client wants it, we can paint them in the paint booth.

In the case of reconditioned cranes, we often find cranes in operation and in apparent good condition but they have some piece or component of wear that does not work properly, if it were not for the review of our technicians would be equipment that would give problems a few days later; this work is essential to be able to have a machine that works correctly since the first day.

The last step is the sale of the crane. For that service we have a commercial team trained to listen to the needs of the client and advise you about the best option for your project, introducing several models and trying to help you choose the most efficient equipment for your job.

We can’t forget all the administrative work that this market supposes, work that without a staff of total trust we would be impossible to assume.


For all the above, this month of September we wanted to explain how we handle this branch of our activity for all those who need a more economic crane but full warranty to work.


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