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August 9, 2018

  • De Angelis 3S3RTG semi-low loader
  • De Angelis 3S3RTG semi-low loader
  • De Angelis 3S3RTG semi-low loader

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  • De Angelis 3S3RTG semi-low loader

Capacity of 39 tn., double ramps and winch: perfect for platforms transport.


It has been done the delivery of a 3 axle semi-low loader De Angelis 3S3RTG to Joy Sol·lucions d'Avaries Telescopiques S.L. (JOYSAT), a company dedicated to lifting machinery in the services, industry and construction sectors. 

The acquired machinery has a load capacity of 39 tn. and a payload of 31 tn. It must be said that it is part of the new G-Light series (so it is super light) and has with different wheel base between the second and the third axle, which allows greater maneuverability. In addition, it has 3 axles, double hydraulic ramps of 4m x 1.16m and a recovery winch. Its measurements are as follows: 13,550mm long and 2,540mm wide.

This has been the second of the three deliveries made to JOYSAT in recent months. It should be remembered that, in the month of June, they were given the first of two machine-carrying equipments and that the second will be delivered soon. The commercial relationship of JOYSAT has been consolidated in the recent months and the Transgrúas team wishes a lot of success in their professional work.



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