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August 21, 2018

  • F545RA.2.26 + caja quieta y pon para Cañellas
  • F545RA.2.26 + caja quieta y pon para Cañellas
  • F545RA.2.26 + caja quieta y pon para Cañellas

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  • F545RA.2.26 + caja quieta y pon para Cañellas

Estructuras Metálicas Cañellas S.L. buy FASSI crane nº.6


The Mallorca based company is specialised in metalic structure construcion and is a reference in the Balearic Islands as well as in mailand Spain since it has been for over 50 years in the market. Recently, the company has bought the heavy duty crane Fassi F545RA.2.26A xe-dynamic.

The customer decided to choose this model because of the technical features it offers, being the biggest crane that can be fitted on a 3 axle truck, the outreach and the excelent loading chart throughout the working area. He found this model the ideal crane to complement his professional activities such as, the reform and rehabilitation of hotel facilities or works for sports centers. The 545RA.2.26A xe-dynamic crane includes the following features:

● FX500 control unit
● XF (Extra Fast) device

● 7.790mm hydraulic extensible stabilizers, hydraulicaly rotating 180º
● FSC SII stability control & rear stabilizers stability control too
● DANFOSS D900 distributor
● V20 winch
● Automatic crane folding (ACF) device


Likewise, the company chose a finishing body work consisting in a removable box with the following dimensions: 5,000x2,550x700 mm. 


Estructuras Metálicas Cañellas S.L., has trusted Transgrúas for more than 20 years, and during our commercial relationship has acquired more than 5 Fassi cranes. So the whole of Transgrúas team wishes that the crane F545RA.2.26A xe-dynamic and the complementary body acquired meet again all their expectations.



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