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NEW MODELS FASSI F95B.0 and F105B.0 e-active

July 26, 2018

  • New Fassi F95B knuckle boom crane
  • New Fassi F105B knuckle boom crane
  • New Fassi F105B knuckle boom crane

Maximum work intensity level, among some of the developed improvemenets.


Innovation does not end with the launch of a new product, but also continues with the development of improvements and new proposals on existing models. This is one of the main objectives pursued by Fassi and it is present during the development, launch and active presence in the market of its products. On this occasion an important update has been made on the F95A.0 and F105A.0 e-active models, offering new technical features and improvements that we will tell you in detail in this article.

Since June 2018 the F95A.0 and F105A.0 e-active models are not available in the market and immediately for their replacement Fassi has developed the F95B.0 and F105B.0 models (with XP function). Both models belong to the class HC1 HD4 / S2, which due to their
acronym S2 are located inside the cranes of maximum level of work intensity, guaranteeing twice the maximum load cycles. But this performance feature is only one of the main ones, since these updates are loaded with details that will mean important improvements in the work intended for this type of cranes. 

Among the most important changes that have been made based on the existing models are the introduction of the new bilateral control DV024 crane/stabilizer, the repositioning of the encoder to improve the passage of cables within the stabilization supports and the significant increase in the angle of rotation that goes from 390º to 410º.


These models are also available for super extra extension, which has an increase in the lateral stabilization extension from 5,495mm to 5,605mm and the "Extra" version, previously available, which is also improved in extension from 4,635mm to 4,915mm.


These models are already available for commercialization and you can find more technical details of the changes in the catalogs that will be available in our website. The team of Trangrúas and Fassi are convinced that these modifications and improvements will help these cranes to perform more efficiently and efficacy improving the jobs for which they have been acquired.



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