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July 23, 2018

  • Tajfun Liv L120ZK crane in Interforst
  • Interforst exhibition

L120ZK The transversely folding crane: Great success in its presentation.


The city of Munich was once again the headquarters where the Interfost 2018 fair took place, an event in which several of our partners have made themselves present. This article includes the details of the participation of TAJFUN LIV, our supplier of forestry and scrap cranes. 


TAJFUN LIV joined this year as part of the participating exhibitors of Interfost 2018. The renowned company, shared stand with a German distributor and together they decided to present cranes of various capacities ranging from 80 kNm to 300 kNm.

Also, another thing of the novelties in this event was the new transversably folding crane L120ZK, which has several technical characteristics as well as the mechanism "LinkF", that gives more power and the capability of lifting greater load in extended position. It allows an optimal load of logs in the truck as well as an optimal discharge of the same. Other technical characteristics of the novelty presented by TAJFUN LIV are: its new version of 10.5 mt., new LED lights with 40% more luminance and possibility of acquiring the crane with a simple extension (reach of 8.4 mt. ) or double (10.5 mt.). All this make the crane a really great innovation presented during the event.

We congratulate our dealer TAJFUN LIV for their excellent participation in INTERFORST 2018 and we are sure that their contributions will help to the further development of the market.


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