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May 18, 2018

  • Fassi F545RA.2.26 for especial transport
  • Fassi F545RA.2.26 para transportes especiales
  • Fassi F545RA.2.26 for especial transport

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  • Fassi F545RA.2.26 for especial transport
  • Fassi F545RA.2.26 for especial transport

Transportes J. Sánchez de Mahón incorporates another Fassi cranes to their fleet.

This month we made the delivery of a Fassi F545RA.2.26 crane assembly plus a removable box. This crane model is a novelty recently presented as one of the largest cranes that are able to ride on three-axle vehicles and also the body it is a removable version. It has the following measures 4,300 x 2,550 x 700, with full side sheet.

Transportes J. Sánchez, an experienced company in the transportation of construction and special materials, was the client that acquired this efficient equipment. Transportes J. Sánchez currently has more than 14 machines from our portfolio and have more than 20 years of commercial relationship with Transgrúas.

The acquired crane is a powerful equipment presented as new version and integrated by several features that make it one of the best options in lifting cranes. We detail some of the characteristics of the equipment:

● 6 hydraulic extensions.
● Reach of 25.90 m. (with jib)
● Continuous turning capacity
● Radio stabilizers control.
● V20 Winch
● LED working tlights
● Jib L324


In addition, this equipment comes with the new Scanreco V7 high-tech radio control, which has a wide color screen that serves as support thats allows the operators the total control of the crane while the work is being carried out and it also has the AWC Automatic winch crane control device.

We wish success to our client Transportes J. Sánchez and we thank once again the trust placed in our professional and technical team.


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