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May 21, 2018

  • Fassi F85B.0.23 e-active for municipal services
  • Fassi F85B.0.23 e-active for municipal services
  • Fassi F85B.0.23 e-active for municipal services

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  • Fassi F85B.0.23 e-active for municipal services

New delivery by Volquetes Escalante of a FASSI F85B.0.23 eactive

Once again Volquetes Escalante ( offers the best service and achieves its main objective, to satisfy the customer's needs. On this occasion the City Council of Valladolid has acquired a Fassi F85B.0.23 e-active crane, in order to strengthen the work done by the municipal services of the province.

This modern equipment, which this year has its version 2018, is equipped with the highest technology and a number of features that perfectly complements the functions of an 8 tm articulated crane. We detail some of its characteristics:

● Configured with 3 hydraulic extensions
● Hydraulic distributor hydro control of a block.
● Set of manually extendable outriggers up to 3,400 mm
● SCANRECO remote control with 6 functions
● FSC Low stability control


We wish our client success with the acquired equipment, we are sure that this acquisition will fulfill their expectations and will improve the performance of their activities.


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