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May 24, 2018

  • Fassi ACF, Automatic crane folding
  • Fassi ACF, Automatic crane folding
  • Dispositivo ACF (plegado automático grúa) de Fassi

Automatic crane folding: Optimization and efficiency

Fassi is constantly searching for new technological solutions and proposals that allow the operator to perfect the activities and through this reduce work time and costs. On this occasion, we will talk about the ACF (Automatic Crane Folding) device or automatic folding
of the crane.

The ACF is a high-tech device that allows the operator, among other things, to automate the processes of opening and closing the cranes. The objectives of this device are also: achieve greater and better fluency in movements, partial or total automation of the actions that the crane can execute and save (time and production costs) in the process of closing the crane, making it run in lesser time and in a better way.

This accessory is available only for e-active, e-dynamic, xe-dynamic, he-dynamic and xhe-dynamic crane models, as it requires certain features of these models that allow it work through the technology and take full control of the main and secondary arms.

Although this device arrives as a solution to several technical processes, its use from the installation is optional. The device allows the operator to activate it only in specific cases.


We are sure that the integration of the power of the Fassi cranes together with high tech accessories, such as the one presented, will improve process mechanisms and profitability.


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