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May 25, 2018

  • De Angelis trailer with moving top
  • De Angelis trailer with moving top
  • Semirremolque De Angelis con toldo desplazable

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  • De Angelis trailer with moving top
  • De Angelis trailer with moving top
  • De Angelis trailer with moving top
  • De Angelis trailer with moving top

De Angelis and the innovation behind their trailer with awning.

The efficient and complete delivery of the merchandise to the final customer is the main objective pursued by De Angelis trailers and their accessories. On this occasion we will talk a little in detail about the possibilities offered by the trailer awning and what are the characteristics that make it one of the most important options for towing equipment.

This accessory has several properties, but we will start with one of the most significant advantages: this equipment has the possibility of being customized and adjusted according to the needs of each client. Its widening and hydraulic lifting canvas can be adapted to the type of product or merchandise to be transported, making it versatile for all kinds of activities.

Another characteristic is its safety, this complement has the safety guarantee specified in directive 2001/45 / CE, since by means of its security tarpaulin systems it offers protection for drivers and peace of mind for the companies in charge of transporting the merchandise. 


In addition, this awning accessory prevents any type of damage in delicate or new merchandise. This security is also given by covering the merchandise in canvas, which insures it by rendering the carrier carefree and fulfilling the expectations of the final

We are sure that this equipment will help to offer greater security to the technical, human and final customer teams, as well as providing the possibility to personalize it with the corporate logo, we are sure that it will satisfy the expectations of the clients.


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