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April 19, 2018

  • JEKKO SPX 527 for Grúas SYMO.
  • JEKKO SPX 527 for Grúas SYMO.
  • JEKKO SPX 527 for Grúas SYMO.

JEKKO SPX 527 crawler minicrane delivered to SYMO cranes.

In April, Grúas SYMO, ( made its first purchase with us. The company is dedicated to the rental transportation and lifting machinery, they have more than 40 years of experience in the sector. Their clear commitment, which includes a 24-hour service and an exhaustive technical knowledge of all operations, ensure the success and future of this company.

Their purchase has consisted of a mini crawler crane Jekko SPX 527 that come to swell the fleet of machinery that the company owns. The Jekko SPX 527 mini crane has a number of features, among which stand out those that make it much more competitive in the market as: the width of the chassis chain horizontally extendable, the crossbar of the jacks that can be extended laterally to gain stability and stay narrow to pass standard doors, in addition to the extension is hydraulic, also the crane can work in two versions: with closed jacks and open jacks, and possibility of opening the jacks on one side depending on the option chosen and the working arch can be more or less long.

Below is shown the some details and other general characteristics that the Jekko SPX 527:


- Load capacity of 2,700 kg.
- Lateral reach: 11.2 m.
- Height of the feather: 18.3 m.
- Limiter and stability control included.
- Different available motorization options: electric motor, gasoline engine.
- Jib, prolonga hidráulica: two options available, articulated jib of 800 kg. or mechanical jib of 800Kg.

Optional: 70º rotating winch in two positions to reduce the turning radius of the crane arm.


We wish Grúas SYMO success and we hope this to be the first of many future adquisitions. 


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