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February 26, 2018

  • Truck mounted aerial platform MX250
  • Delivery of a Multitel Pagliero 20 m aerial work platform
  • Tracked aerial platform SMX 250

Multitel has more than 106 years of experience in the development of cranes and aerial platforms The company has a minimun level of external process and manufactures their own components in order to have a better quality control over time.


Concerned about every detail, they follow a concrete manufacturing process; Cutting all electrical wiring first, marking it and crimping the connection. Then they do the same process for the hydraulic hoses, giving them the color code. As part of the process the aluminium parts (feathers, auxiliary racks, baskets and feathers) are also manufactured, mechanized and welded there. All phases are automatically controlled by CNC machines or welding robots. After the process, two tests are carried out for functional and stability, the last one is at the end of the assembly line, and another one the PDI (pre-delivery inspection), before the shipment to the client, in order to guarantee the expected quality from Pagliero. 


By an area that is exclusively dedicated to manufacture hydraulic cylinders is reduced the failure rate in its components by doing that make total quality inspection. Also the use of aluminum provides a spectacular lighter effect, with greater strength that resists much better to rust. More than 30 years of experience have allowed Multitel to improve the design and increase the resistance and reliability of the different components with which they work. 


Pagliero has always worked in order to be an innovation pioneer, their products are different to others, improving the existent offer. The technical reakthrough is something that has always been present in special elements as an articulated arms, double telescopic, aluminum bars, counter frame or the movement of the pen made with cylinders instead of rope and pulley. Likewise, they has implemented an automatic storage of pieces in order to respond much better to the needs of their clients. One example of that could be an order of an available piece that is placed before 3:00 p.m, in that case the shipment can be made the next morning. 


Concerned about the customer, the standard exchange is a system that allows Multitel to react to a possible problem in cylinders. In order to reduce the machine downtime, the entire cylinder is replaced and repaired at the specific place where it is needed. As a part of the process it is important to mention that the training that the staff received is focused on the custumer service. 


Innovations such as the lift vertically platform, Pagliero has allowed that the wiring is no a problem during the performing ascension movement. These are just some of the characteristics that make Multitel Pagliero a unique and effective company.


Always surprising us with their inventions, we are always expecting what is going to be their new innovation.


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