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January 25, 2018

  • Fassi LMS, load monitoring system
  • Fassi LMS, load monitoring system

The Load Monitoring System (LMS) has been one of the novelties of this last year. Presented officially at the IAA fair in Hannover, this digital device consists of a weight detector loaded by the hook of the crane.


Thanks to this function, the operator can read the load weight instantaneously on the screen of the radio control or the screen of the machine.


Using a load cell that is integrated in the shackle of the hook and protected by a metal cover to avoid its damage if there is any impact during its use, the transmitter allows the communication of the load value, being integrated in the CAN BUS system which facilitates the visualization of the data that has been detected.


The sensor is powered by a battery and it is possible to optimize its energy consumption in moments of rest or disuse with the ON / OFF button. With the acquisition of the LMS system, the sensor battery charger is also delivered.

The receiver - installed near the CPU (FX900) - is not usually visible as it is lodged inside the case. Equipped with a screen for the evaluation of any problem, it is connected to the CAN BUS line of the service for the representation on the screen of the information received from the sensor. The value of the weight that is detected is indicated in tons and tenths of a ton, and is visible on the touch screen (FX901) in color and also on the radio control. 

The device can be found in four different sizes: shackle with maximum load of 11.5 tons, 16 tons, 22 tons and 30 tons.


There is availability of the device for cranes with electronic system FX900, equipped with V7 color radio control or with touch screen (FX901). On the other hand, it is not available for a crane with the FX500 system.


This system is a breakthrough in the technological world and the reading of real weight, helping the operator by allowing him to work safely, being able to manage the load capacity of the crane in a better way. Likewise, the Load Monitoring System is a spectacular advance in terms of wireless sensors.


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