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January 2, 2018

  • Delivery of a Multitel Pagliero 20 m aerial work platform
  • Delivery of a Multitel Pagliero 20 m aerial work platform
  • Delivery of a Multitel Pagliero 20 m aerial work platform

We delivey the 3rd Multitel Pagliero aerial work platform


We have started the year with a very interesting delivery for Transgrúas, being the third Multitel Pagliero aerial work platform, since our distribution agreement of Multitel brand just a few months ago. Step by step the brand is more known and we are completing deliveries with great satisfaction from our customers.


In this case the model delivered is a HX200EX platform, made entirely in aluminum except the turret, which gives lightness and strength at the same time, its height is 19.9 m and the lateral reach of 9.6, the basket of aluminum is for 2 workers, being able to reach 225kg of load in work with a rotation of 65º.


The company that buys the plaform is the Rasim Private Foundation, founded in 2007 with the intention of offering interior and exterior cleaning services of all kinds of buildings, offices and commercial establishments, health centers ... while promoting the integration of the collective with disability to ordinary social and working life. The foundation belongs to the Ramcon group, a client that already purchased an aerial platform in 1992 from Transgruas and that is dedicated to offering a diversity of services with the same common values ​​of quality in service and social concern.


We are very happy to serve a company that not only stands out for its quality in the service but for the fact of providing added value to society by integrating handicaped people at risk of social exclusion. We hope to continue being your trusted company in the distribution of aerial platforms and that they can continue with their great work.


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