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February 19, 2018

  • Ian trenzano, sales manager Transgrúas
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In 2018, Transgrúas celebrates four decades of fundation. It has been 40 years focused on customer service because their are the ones that have established us as a benchmark company in the merchandising , assembly, repair and after-sales service of lifting and handling machinery for the construction, transport, recycling and biomass sectors.

Interempresas is an active platform founded in 1992 that is a point of reference for the most important industrial sectors. Nowadays they are the multisectorial leader in specialized professional press, through a mixed distribution (paper and digital versions) they achieve a great difussion and confidence by offering relevant and quality content. This occasion they have decided to interview Ian Trenzano, the Transgúas' commercial director, in order to learn about the innovations that the company has introduced in the market and also know by first hand the vision of Transgrúas about the evolution of the sector.


These are some answers that we highlight from the interview:


"Our organization includes the main offices in Barcelona, with its own separate bodywork garage and individual offices in Madrid, Valencia and Vitoria. As well we have a network of 25 agents distributed throughout the Spanish geography"


With this network of sales and services that we have in Spain, Transgrúas collaborates with a series of garages that allow it to offer the best customer service.


"We do not only want to sell machines but being the supplier that is always there for those customers who want to repair the one that already have, order a bodywork, reform it, etc."


In order to achive that, Transgúas is organized with a direct presence in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Vitoria. Also they offer a complete integral service in wich the customer only has to bring the truck and they give it back to them completely finished and legalized, doing all the work internally in the company (assembly, the bodywork, final tipper, the technical study and proceed with the ITV).

They also offer the LifePlus program in which the customers can take a course in order to get an specialized driver's license for cranes. Customers can hire a maintenance for their crane chosing garage service and getting discount on spare parts. Besides, Transgúas has other services such as: paint booth, truck and crane's wash and training courses in electronics or hydraulics.


Since a couple of years there is also a free app of Transgrúas, available for Android and Apple that was created in order to give an easier access to the information that customers always demand: stock consultation, direct contact with post-sale agents, attractive offers in spare parts and accessories for cranes, etc. The company has an excellent team of after-sales technicians to offer service to their dealer network as well as end users.


In the crane the electronic and computer technology is the most important part for the operation, in order to ensure more safety for the operator and to extend the useful life of the machine.


"In Transgrúas we offer equipment for lifting and transporting biomass, supporting all the sector that includes a wide range of machines"


Articulated hydraulic cranes, scrap and forestry cranes, pick & carry crane (Ormig), semi-trailers (De Angelis), aerial platforms, lifting platforms (Anteo) and for the disabled (Caroil) and forestry chippers (Pezzolato) among many other equipment that Transgrúas offers.

We are definitely in front of a relevant interview in which Interempresas show their competence in the topics, offering interesting contents within the specialization of the sector.


To read the complete interview, follow the link:


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