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November 20, 2017

  • A Fassi F235A.2.25 e-dynamic crane for rockery transport
  • A Fassi F235A.2.25 e-dynamic crane for rockery transport
  • A Fassi F235A.2.25 e-dynamic crane for rockery transport

The company Transportes Fermín from Ibiza, specialist in the handling and transport of rockery, incorporates a Fassi crane to its fleet.

In this case we will explain the mounting of the articulated hydraulic crane Fassi F235A.2.25, done by our delegation of Transgrúas Valencia for our customer Transportes Fermín from Ibiza, which is a company in the transport sector specialized in gardening and construction of rock walls, for which has equipped the crane with a specific hydraulic accessory to load stones and rocks.


The crane in question belongs to the mid range of Fassi cranes, with a lifting power of 20.3 tons, a hydraulic range of 15 m, equipped with control unit FX500, D850 digital hydraulic distributor and in its e-dynamic version account with the XP device, Prolink system (double connecting rod mechanism) and a 400° rotation with rack and pinion, it is therefore a powerful device within the range of medium cranes. It incorporates a hydraulically coupled clamshell bucket with rotator accessory, with a quick multi-plug system that speeds up the process of coupling the clamshell bucket, necessary for rock handling.

We trust that Transportes Fermín can take benefit of the great performance of this crane  and a recognition to the excellent work done by our branch in Valencia to continue demonstrating their professionalism with mountings and deliveries like this one.



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