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November 6, 2017

  • A Fassi F155A.0.23 crane for Carroc.y Basc. Mar
  • A Fassi F155A.0.23 crane for Carroc.y Basc. Mar

Carrocerías y Basculantes Mar monts a Fassi F155A.0.23 e-active crane to Grupo Incera in Laredo (Cantabria)


Our distributor in Cantabria region (north of Spain), Carrocerías y Basculantes Mar completed, a few weeks ago, the mounting of a Fassi F155A.0.23 e-active, a mid range crane of Fassi with a lifting power of 14,5 tn. 


The delivery was for Grupo Incera, a company that works selling and distributing construction material and transport of the material to shops and sites, excavations and container removal services. It is located in the industrial estate of Laredo (Cantabria); its mission is to achieve excellence in the service customer's service and product quality. We trust the Fassi crane will help them achive their goals.

Carrocerías Mar is a company with 25 years of experience in building, mountind and repairing truck bodies. With a great desire to excel and continuous investment in technological media and equipment. The location of their ships is in the town of Vargas, Cantabria.


We will be happy to continue giving news about our distributor in Cantabria in the following months: it will be the best indication for both parties of the good acceptance of the Fassi cranes in their area and the good work of Carrocerías y Basculantes Mar.


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