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October 23, 2017

  • New Multitel 160 Alu hybrid aerial work platform
  • New Multitel 160 Alu hybrid aerial work platform
  • New Multitel 160 Alu hybrid aerial work platform

In this month of October we present one of the new models of Multitel, the first of the 3 new models launched by Multitel Pagliero during this year. This is the 160 Alu Hybrid: a 16 m truck platform presented during the JDL fair in Beaune, France.


160 Alu Hybrid is a further step for Multitel into the latest market needs. The electric motor powered by the onboard battery pack, can guarantee a full working shift on electric mode. The batteries can be charged with the onboard charger or while the truck is driving with a dedicated alternator. Smooth movement and fast functionality make this new Multitel unique on the Market.
A concept that is repeated in all the platforms of the brand since it is a key point in the positioning of the brand is to guarantee the highest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The equation is made off the initial investment, cost of maintaining the asset during the working life and the residual value. We do believe that Multitel can guarantee one of the highest TCO of the sector. We constantly work to secure to our customer the highest return on investment (ROE) when they choose any of our products.


We continue in November presenting the following model of Multitel!


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