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September 22, 2017

  • One-Scopic independent suspension for 4 axle semitrailers
  • One-Scopic independent suspension for 5 axle semitrailers
  • Dura-Steer technology in De Angelis semitrailers

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  • Dura-Steer technology in De Angelis semitrailers
  • ERS, easry realigning system for De Angelis semitrailers

In this month of September we want to dedicate our section of Machines news to explain the most important technological elements to take into account in the configuration of a vehicle for special transport and that make the difference when adapting to any need and sector.
De Angelis trailers and semitrailers are manufactured in Italy, in a family business with a manufacturing philosophy oriented to customize their equipment to the particular need of each company, a philisophy that fits perfectly with the vocation of Transgrúas (another family company) personalized and close to the client. That is why it seems important to explain in detail the different technological elements that De Angelis puts at the disposal of the user when it comes to configuring the equipment, making each one unique, and making sure that each need is covered in the best way.


ONE-SCOPIC suspensions
Independent hydraulic suspensions: they offer several advantages compared to rigid axles, such as greater stability, technical steering angle, travel and resistance of the structure, a lighter chassis and a longer and deeper central tunnel .. but also has a series of advantages over other types of suspension such as:


  • No curvature changes at any height of the body.
  • No change of stroke at any travel height.
  • The most compact design in its class (resulting in structural advantages).
  • The lightest suspension in its class (more payload).
  • There is no greasing point.
  • The lowest time and least time of the vehicle stopped for maintenance or repairs.
  • Minimum number of components (1 patented double hydraulic stabilizer + 1 fixing plate).
  • Esasy mounting/dismounting .


G-LIGHT Project

This is the ambitious project developed by De Angelis in order to reduce the standard trailer trim by 15% (through a careful structural design and the use of high quality steels in collaboration with the Swedish manufacturer of high strength steels SSAB). With the G-Ligth semitrailers we have:


  • bigger payload
  • reduction of fuel consumption
  • reduction of tire consumption
  • more business opportunities

EMS (Easy Manouvering System)

Electro/hydraulic kit that makes possible to set the direction of the last self-steering axle at low speed in both direction. This cheap and light solution will make the driver’s life easier. Clica to see video


ERS (Easy Realigning System)

The first real automatic re-alignment system of the truck with the semi-trailer (not only the directional axles are aligned with the body of the semi-trailer, but with the actual direction of the truck). Compared to other similar systems, E.R.S. is safer and faster since it is not necessary to start and then check the correct realignment of the semitrailer with the corresponding corrections.


DST (Dura-Steer Technology)

Long-term steering system, with 5 year warranty. It is an exclusive technology (with a new design of the mechanical components inside the fifth wheel of the tractor), which allows to obtain the benefits of a "progressive" steering system together with the "maintenance 0" advantages of a "linear" steering system (little coincidence between the steering angle of the truck and the trailer). Click to see video.


One of the elements that can provide extra help depending on what projects are the gooseneck, the main utility of this option is the increase of the plane of load and the lower sensitivity to unbalanced loads thanks to the reinforced cylinders that can carry this type of finish..


As we commented in the post "OUTSTANDING", we extend an invitation to visit the De Angelis factory and see with your own eyes what we explain here: you do not have to believe it, you can check it live! 


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