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September 25, 2017

  • Articulated crane on tracks
  • Dimensions of articulated crane on tracks Jekko JF545
  • Articulated crane on tracks can access confined areas

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  • Articulated crane on tracks can access confined areas
  • Articulated crane on tracks can access confined areas
  • Articulated crane on tracks can access confined areas
  • Articulated crane on tracks
  • Articulated crane on tracks can access confined areas
  • Articulated crane on tracks: infinite lifting possibilities
  • Articulated crane on tracks with removable ballast

With this new crawler crane model, Jekko intends to create a revolution in the traditional lifting systems by seeking to join and transform the field of articulated minigcranets with articulated cranes. The main focus of this combination is to provide lifting solutions in the areas of maintenance, service and logistics, where space is an issue and heavy loads are required to be handled.
The revolution lies in placing on tracks what has always been mounted on trucks: the articulated crane. Combining the strong point of each area, the advantages of this new crane are:


Variety and vast scope

Double articulation to which a boom can be added allowing variety and long range compared to a traditional mini crane with telescopic boom and chain system. The crane can work both horizontally and vertically, forward, rotate, use direct hook or around ... You can use either a hydraulic platform for 3 people or a basket for 2 people with heights up to 31 meters.


Great accessibility in confined spaces

The concept is to lower at ground level everything that is normally used on a truck, reducing the global dimension and can access areas such as industrial areas, confined spaces, narrow medieval streets, fenced parks ...


Infinite lifting possibilities
The JF model uses a mimic of lifting moments instead of the electronic imitator, which is normally used in mini crane, so the feedback is given in reference to the pressure (345 bar maximum) so when the equipment is stabilized you can use the maximum pressure to work at 360º. The stability levels are calculated automatically giving the operator infinite possibilities of elevation according to the area of stabilization.


On/off Ballast

Radio remote controled, the crane has the possibility of using a counterweight of 3500kg with an innovative automatic release system, the operator only has to remove the locking pins. This is a great step for situations where ballast is not needed and for the possibility of loading and transporting 3,500 kg of material.


One machine, one person

Together with Jekko's philosophy, this machine can be totally carried, controlled and worked by a single operator, the radio control is last generation type with a graphical interface of easy control that allows to manage multiple options. This results in incredible savings in production costs and great flexibility in the work.


Both diesel and electric engine
The JF 545 has both a 55 Kw Kubota diesel engine and a 13 Kw three-phase electric motor. Depending on the situation and needs, the operator can easily switch from one solution to the other, with great flexibility, for both indoor and outdoor use.


Main competitive advantages
This is a crane that as we have seen can be adjusted to very specific needs but can also help complement the fleet of rental companies or larger companies that can have a compact equipment with many advantages. It is a great option for versatility, cost, potential, logistics, maintenance and ease of use, we invite you to ask us more for him to the commercial team if you have doubts of how he could help in your case. Click on this link to request more information.



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