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August 10, 2017

  • 8,5 tn. Hydraulic crane F85B.0.23
  • 8.5 tn hydraulic crane F85B.0.23
  • 8.5 tn hydraulic crane F85B.0.23

In the last Newsletter we talk about the delivery of a Fassi F32A.0.22 crane, to our distributor in La Coruña, Talleres Teijo. We are proud to tell you now that Talleres Teijo is once again making an acquisition of a Fassi F85B.0.23 active crane, this time for its client Remifer, S.L. 


Remifer, S.L., is a façade rehabilitation company, located in the area of Galicia and the equipment has a power of 8.56 tn, configured with three hydraulic extensions and a set of manually extendible stabilizers up to 3400mm. It will surely serve to give a better and more complete service to its customers.


Finally, congratulate Talleres Teijo and Remifer, S.L. by the operation and wish them every success in the near future!




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