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August 28, 2017

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As we have commented on many other occasions and we are explaining in this section, our intention is to offer you the best possible service, the most complete so you can trust the purchase of your equipments and everything related to us: we will talk now about our painting workshop that helps us deliver the equipment in a maximum quality standards.


Inside the bodywork division, we find the industrial paint booth, with a length of 17.7m, a width of 5m and a height of another 5 meters. The cabin is prepared to paint equipments, trucks, bodies, tippers...In the cabin we always have two workers in order to increase the efficiency in the work and to assure the maximum quality in the painting. 


The most recurrent functions of the cabin are painting the bodies we make, the used cranes that customers want painted... When they want a complete overhaul of their vehicle, everything is painted, including truck cab, crane and platform...each one of the elements that compose it.


In case you need more information about the service, please contact us




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