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January 15, 2018

  • Fassi F990RA.2.28 crane for Grúas Cosmopolitan
  • Fassi F990RA.2.28 crane for Grúas Cosmopolitan

A Fassi crane of the heavy range with 30 tn winch, jib and JDP system (Jib Dual Power) for a crane rental company in Barcelona.


We continue section with the delivery of one of Fassi's heavy-duty cranes; this time it is the articulated crane F990RA.2.28 xhe-dynamic for the crane rental company of El Prat (Barcelona) Grúas y Transportes Salvador - Grúas Cosmopolitan.

This is a crane with a lifting power of 84,3 tn and a hydraulics outreach of 32 m with Jib. It includes many technological features suchs as the system of integral control IMC, unit of control FX900, a hydraulic digital distributor D900 and a radio control unit RCH / RCS, ADC dynamic control device and other features such as the Prolink system and double connecting rod mechanism with continuous rotation on the crown. Most of these technical improvements are explained in the sections of equipment news, we leave some link with the last ones explained. In addition, in this case the jib incorporates the function JDP which is a system developed by Fassi that provides a double level of lift capacity for the hydraulic jib, depending from the hydraulic reach of the crane in vertical condition, controlled by outer boom extensions, ensuring inimitable performances of the hydraulic jib.


The main feature of the truck mounting on this occasion is that it was made in a lower and more rigid way to ensure the highest stability with the lowest possible height of the truck + crane assembly. It was mounted on a truck from which the cabin was painted and the entire final body was made.

Salvador Grúas y Transportes is a family run company founded more than 50 years ago, growing with the city of Barcelona participating in such important works as the 82nd World Cup and the 1992 Olympic Games, the Forum or in the construction of infrastructure sites such as AVE station, Barcelona underground system and airport. The basis is quality, efficiency and professionalism values ​​very attached to the culture of Fassi and Transgrúas.


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