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May 26, 2023

  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery
  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery
  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery

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  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery
  • Fassi F315RB.2.28 delivery

The PROmotor Les Comes Special Events company trusts once more in Transgrúas.


The company from Barcelona has more than 30 years of experience in the events productions world and they offer the best services and solutions for any step of the project you could need. 


In this new occasion the have chosen a Fassi F315RB.2.26 knuckle boom crane with a 4 people basket and a L214 jib. A 6 hydraulic extensions model, 360º continuous spin with hydraulic engine, digital rotation control, and the most advanced systems as are: Xp, ADC, AWC or the XF. In addition, it has an 8 functions radio remote control, FSC SII stability control, stabilizers controlled by radio and IoC system. 


Once more, thanks for the trust. 




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