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January 13, 2023

  • Jekko MPK10 glass robot delivery
  • Jekko MPK10 glass robot delivery
  • Jekko MPK10 glass robot delivery

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  • Jekko MPK10 glass robot delivery

A MPK10 glass robot for Cristalería Ramos


The company is located at 5 min from Ourense and hasa wide experience in the glass maker sector, with more than 38 years of dedication. As they say, their secret is "the use of high competitive materials and a really well trained staff".


The chosen MPK10 glass robot offer competitive and quality solutions, both key aspects for our client's working philosophy. As you well already know, this robot is designed for loading materials in height in restricted areas. The MPK10 load up to 1.000 kg. with a total extended arm length of 4.5m. on height and 1.8m. in horizontal. In addition, it can work in a pick&carry mode and can be used with a pad manipulator or with a hook, according with the EN13000.


A great acquisition for a great company!



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