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June 20, 2022

  • Spare parts staff
  • Complete SCANRECO remote control kit - KITSCAN

All crane brands spare parts, continuous consumable stock and personalized attention.


What else? Our spare parts department has the best resources for our clients. Our proffesional equipment offer the best solutions: personalized assistance and fast answer to all the enquiries. 




Dto. Recambios         Dto. Recambios




In addition, we do have a great variety of used cranes spare parts, a wide stock of all crane brands and and consumable continuous stock for working or assembling any knuckle boom crane. 



Bomba de doble caudal          Distribuidor completo por piezas + radiomando



All these is combined with a punctual delivery around the world. Our service covers both national and international, with fast and punctuals deliveries. 




Bateria compatible radiomando HBC              Bateria original radiomando HBC




A complete and quality service, which covers the needs of our clients. Always at your service. 





   Tel: 697 437 336  //   



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