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February 1, 2022

  • Entrega Fassi F1650RAL.2.2.28 a Linda Vista
  • Entrega Fassi F1650RAL.2.2.28 a Linda Vista
  • Entrega Fassi F545RA.2.2.26 a Linda Vista

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  • Entrega Fassi F545RA.2.2.26 a Linda Vista

We deliver a Fassi F545RA.2.26 and a Fassi F1650RAL.2.28


The company of special services, transport and machinery movement is pioneer in Spain and is constantly renewing thier big equipments fleet and for this aim they have trusted once more in Transgrúas. The last two units delivered are Fassi heavy range knukle boom cranes, specifically the models Fassi F545RA.2.26 & Fassi F1650RAL.2.28.


Both are state-of-the-art cranes, the first one offers a lifting capacity of 53tn/m. and a range of 28.2m. It is a crane with FSC SII stability control, jib L426, winch V20 with automatic control: the load hanging from the winch can move horizontally at a constant height by means of a single manoeuvre, the added sensors (compared to a crane without such a device ) do not need particular manual wiring because they are wireless sensors. Use of the device to measure lengths, heights and depths, being able to detect the amount of rope wound/unwound on the drum. In addition, the load hanging from the winch can also be moved while maintaining a constant inclination with respect to the ground/reference surface in a single manoeuvre.
On the other hand, the crane includes the ACF device (automatic crane folding) and IOC (Internet of Cranes) system, which allows extensive digital control of all the movements of the crane, and offers remote management and control in real time of the fleet itself. cranes, through a specific web portal (information on the status of the crane, on/off, presence of alarms/warnings), in addition to geolocation and memorizing the route made by the truck visible on Google Maps, an estimate of the residual life of the crane based on its actual use, a visualization of the crane's usage statistics and real-time diagnostics and the possibility of updating the FX firmware remotely.). This first unit has been equipped with a 4,000x2,550x600mm removable body, made to measure, with a sheet metal floor, 1 folding side per side in bent sheet metal and a recessed floor on the 5th wheel.
The second crane, F1650RAL.2.28, is also a heavy range crane, with 123.14 tn/m and a reach of 40.95m. with jib L616. Like the previous one, this articulated hydraulic crane has the most innovative systems such as the FSC SII stability control, the ACF and the IOC system. This model incorporates a V40 winch with automatic control (with all the characteristics indicated above) in addition to having the permanent pulley system, a great advance for the operator that we will talk about in depth shortly in our news section. In addition, the Fassi F1650RAL.2.28 is equipped with the PSC (platform stability control) system, that is, with a basket approved under the EN280 standard, and with a capacity for 3 people. All this, finished with a special body with two sides per band.
Two fully equipped cranes that become part of the Linda Vista Special Services fleet, to whom we thank for their trust and wish them much success.


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