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February 22, 2021

  • Jekko JF545 V-MAX
  • Jekko JF545 V-MAX
  • Jekko JF545 V-MAX

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  • Jekko JF545 V-MAX

All the standard version characteristics, with the most innovatives systems. 


In this new model we find all the characteristics of the standard model: numerous stability possibilities, a compact size, great load capacity (15,5 ton), 28mts. outreach, maximum working height of 30mts., an arm triple articulation, detachable counterweight,...Also it is still possible to hitch accessories as the basket, the glass manipulator or the winch. 


The principal novelty is the possibility of installing a great variety of additional accessories on the standard version, including those requiring an elevated oil quantity and pressure. This is possible thanks to an additional and independent hydraulic circuit, with oil cooler which avoids the overheating while in use and which keeps a constant temperature even in the most intensive use moments. It offers an innovative solution, unic in the market!


This new version developement has been inspired is the multi-tool machine: extremely versatile and professional with an easy control. This allows a higher use variety than the traditional version, such as construction, industry, logistics, manipulation and laying in reduces spaces, green areas maintenance,...


One of the new accessories to be installed in the JF545 V-MAX improves considerately this latest aforementioned use: the green areas maintenance. A new approach is this innovative accessory: the grapple saw. This consists in a saw with a grapple for pruning activities: a real revolution for the green areas maintenance, if we take into account that the methos used nowadays requires either the use of two machines: platform and crane, or the treeclimbing technique, with all its risks. This grappel saw states the ease of cut, rest on the ground and sort the branches or trunks using a single tool.


A great novelty we are sure will make people talk, as this Jekko JF545 V-MAX versatility does not go unnoticed!



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