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February 15, 2021

  • Fassi F26A.0.23 deliver to Puertas Metálicas Sanchez
  • Fassi F26A.0.23 deliver to Puertas Metálicas Sanchez
  • Fassi F26A.0.23 deliver to Puertas Metálicas Sanchez

Puertas Metálicas Sánchez adquires a complete equipment: crane + body


Our new client located in Cerdanyola del Vallés, Barcelona, has more than 45 years of experience in the sector, what makes them specialist in manufacturing, installing and repairs of all kind of metallic doors, both at a private and professional level. 



With Marta's advice, our commercial, Puertas Metálicas Sánchez chose a light set, perfect for their material and offering them an easy access to all places. A compact and complete equipment. 


It is a Fassi F26A.0.23 knuckle boom crane, with a HD4/S2 elevation class, spinning hook, manual extendible stabilizers, bilateral controls, FX500 electronic limiter, hydrocontrol distributor, oil tank, led lights and load capacity indicator. Also graphyc display, M.O.L, and principal arm horizontal position indicator. 


Regarding the body, it is a fixed model, of 3600x2250x880mm., with 3mm sheet floor with a 3mm. reinforcement U of 80, 2 aluminium side laterals of 500mm., corrugated sheet front os 800mm., and toll box. As always, our bodywork warehouse adapts 100x100 to our clients needs. 


We are grateful for theirs trust, and wish Puertas Metálicas Sánchez a lot of work!



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