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April 8, 2020

  • Fassi ACM device
  • Fassi ACM device
  • Fassi ACM device

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  • Fassi ACM device

As part of the development of automatic control systems that make the use of the crane increasingly safer and more precise, Fassi has developed a new function called Automatic Crane Movement: ACM (Automatic Crane Movement)


The ACM system has been developed mainly to handle waste containers, but it can also have other applications thanks to the automatic control of the verticality of the load during lifting and lowering, on the one hand, and the memorization of rotation and automatic positioning of the load.


How does it work? Through additional sensors mounted on the crane to control the angle of the main and secondary arms, a linear encoder sensor to verify the position of the hydraulic extensions and software for managing the automatic system.


What this device allows is to move the load vertically in a totally controlled way and position it at predefined points. The main goal of the ACM system is to make certain functions delegated to the operator safer: with the control systems and software of the ACM system it is now possible for the operator to lift or lower the vertical load perfectly, without having to use the radio control control levers to maintain verticality during the maneuver. In fact, by activating the selected function, the crane "self-compensates" the movements of the lifting and extension jacks to maintain perfect verticality when raising or lowering the load.

The system can also store the initial lifting point of the load and then activate the automatic rotation maneuver that allows the crane to rotate and reposition the load in the same position where it was raised at the beginning of the cycle.

To better understand the operation of this new device see the video that we have uploaded to our youtube channel.


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