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February 19, 2020

  • FASSI F365A.2.26 delivery
  • FASSI F365A.2.26 delivery
  • FASSI F365A.2.26 delivery

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  • FASSI F365A.2.26 delivery

After more than 20 years of commercial relationship, our fithful client continues to bet for Fassi. 


Our client is dedicated to prefabricated huts, his wide experience makes him a really expert in the sector (for construction, schools, hospitals, etc.).


We have delivered to Jose Miguel his fifth Fassi crane, who satisfied with the offered manners and very happy with our legalisation department, had no doubts when choosing Transgrúas for this special assembling.


It is a Fassi F365A.2.26 e-dynamic knuckle boom crane, with 6 functions Scanreco remote control, XP system, CCD 8cabin collision detector) and ACF (automatic crane folding). It alsa has D900 distributor, oil regenetaror valve and Fassi FSC SII stability control. The equipment has been complet with a fixed tailor-made body, of 6300x2550x1000mm. This assembling has been special due to fact that thanks to the previous job of the vehicle load distribution study with the assembly of the crane and the body, we saw the need for the client to ask SCANIA for a truck with a front axle of 10tn. of maximum autorized payload, in order not to have problems of load and achieve the standardisation of the vehicle. 


We are happy to continue to satisfy the needs of our client, and hope to see him grow at our side. 



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