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October 17, 2019

  • Delivery to Grúas Sánchez Canarias
  • Delivery to Grúas Sánchez Canarias
  • Delivery to Grúas Sánchez Canarias

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  • Delivery to Grúas Sánchez Canarias

In this occasion we deliver a complet set: heavy range Fassi crane + basket + removable body for Transportes y Grúas Sánchez Canarias.



The Fassi F425 RA.2.28 E-DYNAMIC crane is a heavy-duty crane, long version, equipped with 8 hydraulic extensions, Danfoss D900 distributor, Scanreco radio control with touch screen V7 and Capstan V20.


Apart from the initial characteristics of the crane, it has some extra elements that complete the functions :

- Automatic winch control
- Automatic crane folding
- CCD (Cab Collision Control)
- Stability Control Fassi FSC SII (crane and rear stabilizers)


Moreover, the crane has a personnel basket for two people made of iron and the set is completed with a removable body.


Transportes Sánchez is a family business, founded in 1979 by Juan Sánchez Domínguez, and that with the help of his children at present he bases his service in the national special transport sector and machinery movement. The main values are the illusion, the momentum and professionalism. These family business values added to the investment in technology with the purchase of cranes as powerful as our F425, are undoubtedly the key to success in this sector.

Good luck and prosperity for this company, hoping you can continue investing in Transgrúas as a synonym for innovation.



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