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July 25, 2019

  • New SPX 532 Jekko minicrane
  • New SPX 532 Jekko minicrane
  • New SPX 532 Jekko minicrane

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  • New SPX 532 Jekko minicrane

The SPX 532 crane is a totally new model that becomes the first crane of a new generation of mini cranes manufactured by Jekko


Jekko has designed this new mini crane as "the most intuitive mini crane in history, with a state-of-the-art stability system. This new generation crane ensures superior performance


And this has been achieved by designing a crane with very compact dimensions, with a new hydraulic and electronic system, greater load capacity than previous models and a very precise and easy-to-use radio control. The main feature to highlight of the Jekko SPX 532 is that it is the largest mini crane in its segment that can pass through a single door (width less than 80 cm) and can be used both in enclosed spaces, especially in the glass sector, as well as in outdoors in the construction and industrial maintenance sector.





  • New design with improved performance: the most intuitive hydraulic system in history, with a state-of-the-art stability system. With this new crane of new generation guarantees a performance of superior level that allows to make more fluid and precise movements thanks to a new digital hydraulic distributor, new system of electronic control and intuitive radio control, that between all give an active dynamic control of the movements of Crane.
  • Compact dimensions: 3255 x 770 x 1960 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 2.200 Kg
  • Boom height: 17,3 m. (with winch)
  • Maximum lifting radius: 14,8 m (with winch)
  • Reinforced column with two pistons.
  • Engine: D902-E4B diesel + single phase and three phase electric motor + battery. You can optionally have a diesel combustion engine combined with a single-phase (220 V - 2.2 kW) or three-phase (400 V - 5.5 kW) electric motor. Depending on the workplace and requirements, the operator can easily move from one solution to another.
  • Continuous 360º rotation

We have requested a unit for stock so that our customers can to Transgrúas to see and try: in mid-September it will be here. More crane information by clicking here: 


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