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Railway cranes heavy duty range (37-138 tm)

  • Fassi ralilway cranes
  • Fassi ralilway cranes
  • Fassi ralilway cranes

Fassi manufactures a range of articulated cranes for workng on railway lines: these so-called railway cranes can be mounted on different types of vehicles that go on railway vehicles such as wagons, trucks with double driving systems for driving on the road and on railways, freight trains, etc.
The heady duty range of articulated railway cranes includes cranes with load capacity of 37.50 tm to 137.60 tm.



All railway cranes of medium range are also available crane in version with short arm (C). A crane version with radio remote control is also available crane models from 28,35 tm. Version with bearing foundation for continuous rotation models.

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    Grúas Ferroviarias pesadas
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    Grúas Ferroviarias pesadas


The strength of a company with 40 years of experience and the commitment of a family company that works for specialists in more than 10 sectors related to cranes, lifting, transport and biomass machin

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