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F1950RAL marine crane

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With a lifting power of 127 tm., hydraulic outreach up to 41,30 m., this is the "long version" of F1950RA crane, which results on a transversal mounting, and a secondary boom 7 m longer than in standar version. This marine crane has a special varnishing treatment for marine environment and reinforced protections on cylinders, screws and bolts with the use of chemical coated materials such as nickel plating or stainless steel. The crane features the FX800 control unit combined with IMC device: integrated machine electronic control which manages the best operating conditions to ensure the optimal machine performance and control applicable to all the work conditions. It uses a Can bus communication system between the peripherical sensors.  The crane is available in the following versions:

  • F1950RAL.2 he-dynamiccrane with continuous rotation on slewing ring on a slew ring with double motoreducer and double hydraulic circuit. It includes double linkage and PROLINK system, D900 hydraulic distributor with flow sharing device (FS). Crane includes ADC loading dynamic control, radio remote control RCH/RCS and XP device (extra power).


Watch the performance of the following devices: 



FS device youtube    ADC device youtube    RCH/RCS radio remote control youtube   PROLINK system youtube


XP device


D900 distributor


IMC device

youtube FX800 electronic control unit youtube


Download brochure for further detailed information and all crane configurations available. To learn about the technology included as standard or optional (depending on version chosen) that the crane might include, click on the icones "standard" and "optional" you will find here below. 


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Crane Position MonitoringRadio remote control V7Cast QualityD900 Digital Multifunction Distributor BFull LiftFlow SharingFassi Stability ControlFewer Welds DesignIntegral Machine ControlMulti Power Extension SystemOil Temperature ControlProlinkUltra High Strength SteelExtra FastFX 900 Fassi Electronic ControlAutomatic Dinamic Control


Alphanumeric VisualizerJib Dual PowerManual ExtensionFassi Smart App


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