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PTH 1400/1200 drum chipper
  • Pezzolato drum chipper PTH 1400-1200 for quality chips
  • Pezzolato drum chipper PTH 1400-1200 for quality chips
  • Pezzolato drum chipper PTH 1400-1200 for quality chips

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  • Pezzolato drum chipper PTH 1400-1200 for quality chips

PTH 1400/12000 drum chipper: it is a mobile drum chipper belonging to the heavy duty range produced by Pezzolato, it has its own diesel motor, 1150 Hp powered. With a closed drum that has 1200 mm diameter and is 1400 mm large. It is enabled to produce over 300 m3 chips per hour.


The feeding mouth is provided with an upper and two lower rollers, further to a closed-meshes chain. The combined action of such devices pushes and conveys wood up to the drum action. The maximum inlet passage is 1400 x 800 mm.


It is provided with four knives each 700 mm long. Thanks to the closed drum and the two blades, as large as the whole drum axis, this machine produces high quality chips, whatever wood is used to cut, reducing considerably fuel consumption.


The sharp cut through the blades and the drum’s inertia reduce the machine’s efforts and stress, thus confirming the well-known solidity of Pezzolato drum chippers.


The electronic controller advised of any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations that must be performed according to the Pezzolato’s maintenance plan.


The PTH 1400/1200 can be operated via the tractor PTO, or using an autonomous engine (diesel or electric). 


paso entrada pth 1400-1200               producción pth 1400-1200





tecnología de corte 






  • Pezzolato’s drum chipper cutting technology allows producing first quality chips,
    not only from logs but also from branches, sawmill wastes and low-value fores-
    try material as well.

Dos cuchillas



  • Standardthis is the  “traditional”  blade  that  has always  been mounted on
    Pezzolato drum chippers. It allows setting  different cutting lengths and is easy
    to  replace,  it can  be sharpened  up to 20 times, it  is  applicable  to a special
    drum for producing extra size chips.
  • Quick&Smart: provided with a revolutionary fixing system, it is fixed directly
    to the drum,  is  easy to handle and quick  to replace, it costs 30% less than a
    traditional blade (to buy and to maintain), it can be sharpened 2 times.






  • The  chippers can be supplied  with a  collapsible  counter-blade mounted on a
    running  slide  and secured  with adjusted shear bolts.  Whenever a hard body
    is   accidentally  entered  into   the  chipper, the  bolts  are  sheared  and  the
    counter-blade falls  down,  so that  the  foreign body  exits before causing da-



astillas certificadas



  • Chips size and features  as produced by  Pezzolato  drum chippers have been
    analysed  and verified  by  CNR IVALSA (National Research Council of Italy.
    Trees and Timber Institute).




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    PTH 1400/1200
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    PTH 1400/1200


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