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June 12, 2019

  • Multitel HX195 aerial platforms delivery to Alquileres Rubel
  • Multitel HX195 aerial platforms delivery to Alquileres Rubel
  • 20 m Aerial platform Pagliero

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  • 20 m Aerial platform Pagliero

Our local office in Vitoria delivers two 20m. aerial platforms.


After an excellent advice from our commercial in Vitoria, whom took into account as always our client's necessities, Alquileres Rubel chose a Multitel HX 195 aerial platform. This important company of machinery rental located in Vitoria, has been our client for more than 10 years, and now has increased its fleet once more with two platforms of 16.65m owrking height and 9.45m lateral reach. It also has an aluminium basket, that toghether with the fact that the platform is almost complete made of aluminium, makes it a really light equipment. 


We are grateful to Alquileres Rubel for their trust, and we hope to continue to grow together! 



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