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March 26, 2019

  • Multitel-Pagliero MT240EX
  • MUSA device by Multitel Pagliero
  • MUSA device by Multitel Pagliero

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  • MUSA device by Multitel Pagliero

Through the application of mathematical models, Multitel has developed a device that maximizes the lateral working range automatically based on the load of the basket basket and the position of the stabilizers


Multitel Pagliero continues to work in the direction of innovation to improve the performance of its platforms. On this occasion, we present the MUSA device for its acronym in English, Multitel Self Adpating System, developed by the company's engineers through the use of complex mathematical models that combine factors such as weights, arm geometry and configurations of the stabilizers to achieve the best possible performance of the work area at all times, depending on the weight that the basket supports. The lower the weight in the basket, the greater the outreach it can achieve, hence the importance of being able to offer machines with intelligent technology able to calculate in real time all these parameters and take advantage of the machine's potential at 100%, beyond from the simple and conventional selector of 1-2 operators in a basket that has been tradtionally used.


Multitel aerial platforms can be configured with different types of stabilizers:


AV = extensiable stabilizer towards the cab

AR = extensible stabilizer towards the back 

AF = stabilizer foot with extension not in vertical direction

EX = extensible stabilizer

DS = not extensible stabilizer, straight stabilization


The choice of the type of stabilization will be determined in part by the chassis on which the platform will be assembled and partly by the customer's need. With the MUSA device in addition, we can guarantee that the machine will work at its maximum performance always. The system is not available in the entire Multitel Pagliero range, it is necessary to consult about which models it is.


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