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January 29, 2019

  • Ian Trenzano, commercial director at Transgruas
  • Ian trenzano, sales manager Transgrúas

Adapting to the changes and new needs of the market has been one of our challenges in recent years


In the fourth edition of the interviews with the top positions of Transgrúas for the 40th anniversary, we spoke with Ian Trenzano, commercial director who explains his point of view of the evolution of Transgrúas in a department as crucial for the company as the commercial department.


In what year did you assume the commercial address of Transgrúas?

In the year 2000, after my brother Marc took over the management of the company after the retirement of my father, Andrés Trenzano.


How was the change?

It was relatively easy. By that time I had been performing commercial functions for a few years, and during that time my father and my brother Marc contributed a lot to my professional training.


What is the most important challenge that you have had to face?

Well, there have been and there will be many. But the most important has been and still is to find the way to adapt to different market situations, both at times of economic boom and in other more difficult ones. When the crisis began, our company had to reinvent itself and internationalize, and in this way we grew a lot in the second-hand market, especially in regard to used cranes.


Explain from your point of view the key to the success of Transgrúas with Fassi?

I think the clues is being both family businesses, founded at about the same time, with a business identity that shares many criteria and points of view, has made this success possible.


What do you think is the secret to staying in such a competitive market during these 40 years?

Listening to the market, its needs and demands, to have suppliers that listen to you, as in our case, and to be faithful to the principles that have led us here, with an integral service for the customer from the moment the order is signed until the unit is delivered, and with an after-sales service very attentive to their demands.


What can we expect from the commercial department in the next 40?

The truth is difficult to foresee since the market today is very different from when I started 23 years ago. But being flexible before the changing future, with the human team that we have, I am sure that we will know how to face them.


What would you highlight from your commercial team as a department?

That beyond their knowledge they have the ability to adapt to the needs of the company, and to the changing dynamics of the market.


Strong points you think they have and how do you think your brothers help you from their points of influence?

There are many since we are a united team, and the ideas of each one always bring positive results. From the management of the company led by Marc, keeping it sustainable and competitive, going through the marketing department led by Karen, always looking for ways to reach the customer in a competent and close way, being present in social networks, fairs, associations related to the activities of our clients, and key to the success of our internationalization.


Any changes expected in the department in 2019?

No, basically to continue with the line of the last 2 years


Your brothers have highlighted the after-sales department as one of the keys to the operation and customer service of Transgrúas, what do you think?

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important points for us, to be continually trained to attend all the news of the products, both our staff and the different distributors of the national territory.


Sales have been rising with sustained growth in the most recent years, do you expect this trend to continue?

Yes, already at the end of the 16th the change of tendency began and gradually it has been increasing. We think that the next few years will continue like this, in a sustainable way.


What technical innovations seem a more significant advance in 2018?

There are many technical innovations in all our products. As far as Fassi is concerned, I think that the new FX-link system, a control system integrated with the truck-crane assembly for remote control through the dashboard of the truck, has been one of the most innovative and has been developed with the Volvo truck manufacturer.


Do you know any important team news for 2019?

Yes all our suppliers are preparing many new features that will be presented this spring at the most important fair in the world: Bauma, which is held next April in Munich in which all of them will be present.


What is your opinion about the green economy and how do you try to apply it?

In most of our equipment we have the possibility of offering operating versions through alternative energies to the usual ones. Many of our customers need it to work indoors, and we adapt to their needs: Multitel Pagliero air platforms with hybrid operation, or mini cranes


A wish for 2019

That the economy keeps growing in a sustainable manner and we can adequately serve all our customers.


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