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December 27, 2018

  • Interview to Karen Trenzano
  • Interview to Karen Trenzano
  • Interview to Karen Trenzano

Objectives, challenges, strategies, ... Karen Trenzano speaks to about all this


In the third edition of the interviews with the top positions of Transgrúas for the 40th anniversary, we spoke with the Marketing Director, Karen Trenzano. In the interview, she will provide us with her vision from the Marketing department and what are the main challenges, as well as the experience of over 20 years in the department.

Since which year are you in charge of the marketing department?

Since 1998


What are the most important challenges that both the department and you as the responsible have faced?

The challenges have been many and varied over the years: initially involving the commercial department to work together, collaborating in creating a "database" of their commercial activity to maintain a relationship with potential and real customers. And the same with other departments of the company as spare parts, workshop ... Think and develop the way to know our customers, their needs and the products we can offer them to know them, adding an extra value that makes the customer buy us to us instead of the competition.

Could you tell us which are the manufacturers with which it has been easier to sell and the more complicated?

The easiest by far has been Fassi, which on the other hand, makes sense since it is among the 3 main manufacturers of cranes worldwide, has a powerful marketing department and dedicates resources to marketing actions that we benefit from. Pezzolato, manufacturer of machinery for biomass: forestry chippers, firewood processors, etc., is also very active at the marketing level, as well as Jekko, manufacturer of mini spider cranes that informs us promptly of news, attends fairs, holds conventions ...

What resources do you have in marketing? Have they changed much over the years?


Our main resource is the computer program for the management of customer relations, on which we base ourselves to follow up with the client (whether potential or real), in the most personalized way possible. And another fundamental resource for Transgrúas is our website, which we use as a means of communication with our clients. This is the basis on which we plan a series of actions to be carried out during the year, such as communicating new products and services, making specific promotions, attending fairs and conventions ... And yes, the resources have been varying throughout the year. the years: in the same way that new resources and tools have appeared in the world, such as the mobile phone (of course, we have to remember that we turned 40, mobile phones did not exist then), the evolution of mobile use, the appearance of internet, tablets, social networks ... Transgrúas has always wanted to "be up to date" and we have taken advantage of all these resources in our daily work. Since 2017 we are focusing our work through the digitalization of the marketing actions we do.

What is the main objective of the department? How do you set the annual goals? Based on what?

Our main objective is to help and enhance the commercial work. At the end of the day, collaborate actively in the increase of sales. The annual objectives are set according to several parameters: situation of the different sectors in which we operate, range of products (launch of new models or devices that improve their performance), activities that will take place in that year, events and fairs, etc. And based on all this we define an action plan that we are adjusting month by month.

How do you rate the years you've been in the company?

This is a very complicated question! In 27 years that I have been in the company we have gone through many circumstances, but the final balance is positive: I have learned a lot at work, professionally and also on a personal level. At the end of the day, companies are made by people and I have been lucky to be able to collaborate with a lot of "good people" that help one to move forward in the most complicated moments. I appreciate the unconditional support I had at the time of my father and founder of Transgrúas and, with which I continue to count on the part of my brothers Marc and Ian. Without their support and trust, the marketing department would not have the same energy!

What perspective is there for 2019?

A lot of work! 2018 has been an intense year, with many product innovations, participation in events and promotional activities. We have increased global activity around 20% and our goal is to continue on this path.


Tell us about your perception of the company, what do you consider to be the differential factor facing customers? Why do you choose Transgrúas ahead of the competition?

I would say that we are an honest and transparent company: we know the products that we commercialize in depth, we have good technicians and good brands. We have always focused on our value proposition  Our value proposition has always focused on the quality of the product and the transformation work we do in Transgrúas: assembly, after-sales service, investment in equipment and spare parts for immediate delivery. We are specialists in our machines and we talk face to face with our clients who are specialists in their work and we We understand what is the best machine to do the job. Being a family business, dealing with customers is close and based on trust.

In the next interview we will know more about another of the pillars of Transgrúas: Ian Trenzano, commercial director and part of the management staff in the company.



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