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November 30, 2018

  • Entrevista Marc Trenzano
  • Entrevista Marc Trenzano
  • Entrevista Marc Trenzano

A company must work as a team: the cohesion of all departments is fundamental


In the second edition of the interviews with the managing team of Transgrúas for the 40th anniversary, we spoke with the current CEO, Marc Trenzano and his experience since he took this position in 2000. His interview will help us to complete the first part expressed by Andrés Trenzano last month and complete the 40 years of direction, before we continue talking with Karen and Ian of different areas.

How was the transition from Andres to Marc as CEO of the company?

I was lucky that my father always took care, since I was very young, that I would accompany him and live the management of the company on a daily basis. Besides, I worked in the different departments to understand how each department worked until finally, what I realised what I enjoyed the best was the commercial department. Trade is the base on which Transgruas is based. Therefore, the transition was very progressive and I was always supported by my father.

¿En que año se produjo el cambio de cargo?

In 2000.


Which have been the areas of greatest concern once you took the position?

Ever since I remember my father always said that a company must work as a team, since it is useless for each one to pull by his side, and my concern has been fundamentally to form the human team that we currently are. Honest, hard-working and very competent people who work at their 100% every day to be able to give the service that our customers deserve.


How was the expansion in the Spanish territory?

We started our expansion through distributors and collaborators in the different Spanish provinces. We must remember that traveling then was not as simple as it is now. Not only for regarding roads or plane travelling, but also in the daily communication between us, since today with a simple email or WhatsApp you are in constant communication, in my beginnings a simple call was an odyssey since you had to look for a phone booth, so I remember it was not easy. Then we decided to bet on the capital of Spain, Madrid since it seemed vital to be present directly in the capital. Later Valencia arrived through the delegation created in Paterna, and finally Vitoria premises.

Why and when did you decide to open the international market? In which countries do you think there are challenges for the future?

It was not really decided in a strategic way, but rather it was through the used crane market that we started to be more and more known in the international market. When the crisis came in 2008, we had to reinvent ourselves and detected an oversaturation of semi new, used and truly old equipment in the Spanish market, so we realised that the only solution was to find the way to sell these machines in other markets abroad. This was the key to be able to withstand the crisis and also boost us internationally. For us there is no longer a limit of markets of countries since we export used machines to almost the whole world..


What would you say is the key to the Transgruas service? Or what value proposition do you think the customer is given?

We have always thought that the key to the success of Transgruas is to offer a good service first. It may seem like a typical manual answer, but one thing is to think and say it and another thing is to carry it out, and sometimes you can try but this does not mean that you will achieve it. During all the years of crisis in the only department that we have not cut down the budget has been in the after sales department. Possibly it was not necessary to maintain the same staff as in other times with much more sales volume, but we always thought that it was a bet for the future, since when better times would come we would have the qualified staff to best serve our customers. And so it has been, now that the market is moving again, we realize that customers are even more demanding, the machines are more complicated with new technologies and we see that we have made the right decision.


Another key is the human team that works at Transgruas since we have many employees with more than 15, 20 and 25 years in the company. This gives an incalculable value.


And the third key is the quality in the work well done, since most of the machines that we sell, must be manipulated, that is to say that they must be normally mounted on vehicles and we perform this work integrally within the company itself, without subcontracting any work outside Transgruas. This allows us to apply our own quality control policy and ensure that the customer receives the machine he has purchased at the highest level of quality.


And finally, the portfolio of products that we distribute: only first division leading brands where quality is committed, even if the price is never the cheapest.

What would you point out of your siblings Karen and Ian? What strengths do they have that help the company to provide a better service to the final customer?

Well, I must say that really Transgrúas is directed by all three, that is to say that Karen and Ian are part of the success of these 40 years and therefore we form a great team.


Karen directs the Marketing department which, in reference to your previous question about the internationalization of Transgruas, is clearly the success of Karen at the head of that department. With great effort and intelligence has made us a global reference in the market of lifting and transport equipment, promoting the company through all available tools to carry out such internationalization in a time when everything is going so fast and you can not stay behind.


Ian directs the commercial department and also deals with the business relationship with the distributors and collaborators. Also, he personally takes care of the most important customers of the company, understanding by this both volume customers and sale operations of big cranes and other special configuration machiner that require a deep technical knowledge of the machines and advice on their assembly. In these cases Ian's great experience is essential.


What are the manufacturer alliances do you consider as key factors? Will you have a new manufacturer for 2019?

The key product of Transgruas is the articulated hydraulic crane and Fassi is our supplier from the beginning. Both Mr. Franco Fassi and after his son Giovanni, have been key to developing the range that we can enjoy today. Thanks to theis excellence in the manufacture of cranes, as many customers have been able to appreciate when we have taken them to visit the factories of our friends, there are cranes that continue to work after 30 years in the market.


I want to have a very special memory for Luigi Porta, who is no longer with us, and who was a pillar for us for so many years. He helped us a lot because of his technical knowledge and his great human quality: with his presence he could convince any customer to buy a Fassi crane.  The whole family of Transgruas will always carry his memory in our hearts.


Also the rest of suppliers are an important part of our portfolio, as I said before, they are the first brands in the sector and we appreciate the trust placed in Transgruas and our know-how.


Any new equipment for 2019?

Yes, sure. 2019 will bring new challenges which we will explain throughout the year.

What do you think about the green economy and the entry into the hybrid equipment sector? Can we expect any significant novelty for next year??

In 2010 we began distributing Pezzolato, one of the world's leading brands, manufacturer of wood chippers for biomass, splitters and firewood processors. This was a key decision at a time when the Spanish economy was still in recession, but we continue committed to entering the renewable energy sector. We have continued with special applications of cranes for cleaning solar panels, also in the recycling sector with recycling and forestry cranes of the Cranab brand and hooklifts for container transport of the Marrel brand, which are also part of the Fassi group. Certainly the hybrid machines are already part of deliveries that are being made during 2018 and part of projects for 2019.

What can we expect for the next 10 years in the Transgruas strategy? How do you imagine the market facing the 50th anniversary?

Looking at the last 10 years, probably the most difficult ones in the history of Transgruas due to the situation in the Spanish market, we hope that this situation will be a improve and at least reach a minimal stability in order to be able to develop with confidence all the projects we have in mind and continue attending in the best possible way our customers. The exponential development of new technologies and materials only makes us face as a great challenge an exciting 50th anniversary, but first we are going to celebrate the 40th anniversary next year as we deserve it: it has not been easy getting here, let's enjoy it!

Thanks to all those who are part of these 40 years: customers, suppliers and the human team that forms Transgruas.


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