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October 25, 2018

  • Fassi ADC device
  • Fassi ADC device
  • Fassi Techno chips - control

ADC (automatic dynamic control) is a Fassi exclusive device designed by the research & development department


The increase on the demand of cranes efficiency and its complete safe operating, have cause an authentic  technological challenge which Fassi has been dealing on the last years. It has developed different divices that guarantee the best output of the crane in any wrking condition and with the complete safety for the operator. 


ADC device manage to control the dynamics of all the functions of the crane, in an automatic way, maximazing the movement speed depending on the load scale, making soft and precise movements, reducing by the minimum the crane and chassis structural efforts. In functional terms, an increase of the applied crane moment and therefore an increase of the elevation cylinders load induced pressures, which are detected by the same transductors that activate the moment limiter, automatically define a progressive reduction of the crane movement speed. This fact, allows to maneuver at high speed with light loads and more controlled speed with higher loads, guaranteeing a high operation safety level in terms of vehicle stability and a reduction of the structural efforts both on crane and vehicle chassis. 


These advantages are shown in a heavy load unloading maneuver: an abrupt stop in this case does not generate oscillation in the crane extensions nor in the truck as the descent speed is reduced proportionally to the supported magnitude of the load, minimizing noticeably the inertia effects. 


The dynamic control management is obtained by regulating the main unit control electronic card values.


The ADC device advantages are clear for all implicated parts: 


· Reduction of the crane efforts, with the consequent increase on its lifetime.

· Reduction of the truck chassis efforts, with the consequent increase on its lifetime.

· Reduction of the vehicle overturn in case of abrupt maneuver with heavy loads, as the dynamic effect are drastically reduced.

· Soft movements, automatically controlled by the device. 


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